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A little information about the Challenge

Meet our local and world-renowned partners! Many companies and organisations have joined the Erasmus University Challenge and want to help students on their way to successful innovations and startups. We are extremely grateful for their support and we are excited to bring you in contact with the right partners!

Click on the logos to see the company profiles of the partners, learn more about their business and expertise, coaches and career opportunities.

Become a Partner

Strategic Partners

Port of Rotterdam logo
Gemeente Rotterdam logo
Royal Den Hartogh Logistics logo
Topsector Logistiek logo
Up!Rotterdam logo

Impact Partners

V.O. Patents & Trademarks logo
Albert Heijn logo

Business + Partners

Oikocredit International logo
PLUS Retail B.V. logo
Lamb Weston logo
C. Steinweg - Handelsveem B.V. logo
Royal A-ware logo
CSi palletising logo
Cushman & Wakefield logo
Anthony Veder logo
ProLogis logo

Business Partners

BTS logo
NTCS logo
Verwater logo
Go-Tan logo
Bavak Security Group logo
Provincie Zuid-Holland logo
Helloprint logo
Bolton Adhesives logo
Rituals logo
Innova Energie logo
RET logo
In The Pocket logo
Casa Projects logo
Ease2Pay logo
Egas Holding logo
Rabobank logo
Nedcargo logo
SyncVR logo
InnovationQuarter logo
Summit Book logo

Supporting Partners

Unique logo
Samsung Electronics Climate Solutions logo
StartUp Academy logo

Knowledge Partners

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship logo
ErasmusX logo
YES!Delft logo
Graduate Entrepreneur logo
Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics logo
Erasmus University College logo
Rotterdam School of Management logo
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